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1550 $2075 $

Detailed specs:

  • 4 hub motors (two options: 300KV with 850W or 400KV with 1000W)
  • 4in1 ESC (4x45A or 4x55A) paired with custom electronics which provides the WiFi capability for setup and drives the ESC
  • Scale: around 1:7 – 660mm length
  • Weight: 3.2kgs (without batteries)
  • Battery config: 2x2S or 2x3S in series, connectors: XT60

The package doesn’t include the radio or the batteries. You can use your own, it’s compatible with every surface radio.

The shipping date will be calculated after the order, the manufacturing time is around 5-6 weeks!

5% discount on complete payment!

(The bodywork on the images is the carbon vinyl option)

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This is the world’s first R/C car with hub motors! What does it mean? Every wheel has its own motor inside of it. They have a large diameter with colossal torque, and the maximum power of the motors is up to 1000W!

Why is it GOOD?

You can manage the drive ratio from any WiFi-capable device, you can choose between FRONT WHEEL drive, REAR WHEEL drive, or ALL WHEEL drive with just one click! In ALL WHEEL drive, you can adjust the power between the front and rear axles! No need to stop the car, it reacts to the commands immediately! You can also adjust the BRAKE BALANCE as well! There is a special feature that we call ACTIVE DIFFERENTIAL, the car can drive the outer wheels faster when cornering! Of course, the level of this feature is also adjustable!


  1. Add the car to the cart
  2. Fill in the order details, address, name, e-mail etc.
  3. You can pay for the car in two parts if you wish or pay it completely
    1. If you’d like to pay in two parts, send 990 USD by PayPal or Stripe on order, and we will start the production of your car
    2. Before shipment (the manufacturing process takes around 5-6 weeks) you have to complete the payment with the remaining part of the price based on the bodywork option.
  4. The price doesn’t include VAT and taxes.


EU (except the United Kingdom and Switzerland): 35 USD The United Kingdom and Switzerland: 55 USD For other countries: 75 USD


No cars are created for stock, all of them are assembled by hand. Completing a car requires 5-6 weeks before shipment.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 700 × 270 × 200 mm

Stock (lexan body with black paint and decals), Carbon vinyl (lexan body covered with 3D carbon vinyl and decals), Azzuro (lexan body covered vinyl and decals), Chromatic Aberration (lexan body covered vinyl and decals), El Classico (lexan body covered vinyl and decals), Pinkrator (lexan body covered vinyl and decals), White Pearl (lexan body covered vinyl and decals)


300KV (850W max. power / wheel, 100+ km/h), 400KV (1000W max. power / wheel, 150+ km/h)

Suspension parts

Regular PA12 nylon, Carbon fiber reinforced