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CG images - premium carbon chassis

We finished the designing phase of the premium car’s chassis and made some good looking promo visualizations about it! Some elements still not finished or uncertain, like the roof lights. Maybe there will be 5…


2014. 01. 27

Partnership with MechatroMotive

For a while now you can read the essential of our product, the complete 2 sided telemetry system! Since this idea came to our mind we were desperately looked after a company who has enough…


2014. 01. 10

Another test!

We are back on track!!! In the weekend we went out to the local MX track and had some fun! The track was much better now, than in the previous event, on the airfield, so…


2013. 10. 21

Fan group on FB!

Recently notified about a public fan group on Facebook about the Mammuth Rewarron! Join, if you’d like to share experiences or thoughts! Keep it up Carl!


2013. 10. 15

Final prototype

Today offically the building of the final prototype car has been started! I hope I can post some real images as soon as possible!


2013. 10. 07