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Visiting Opel Dakar Team

A few weeks ago we sent a mail to the Opel Dakar Team, about a future visit to their garage, and to share some experiences and to ask several technical informations about a real Dakar…


2013. 07. 31

TechShow 2013

TechShow is Hungary’s largest and best innovation and start-up conference, exhibition. This year, the top 22 technology start-up companies showcased their products. The independent jury chose these exhibitors, who could also make a 4 minutes…


2013. 06. 12

Family day - Kindergarten

In May there are several family days, and there were one in a local kindergarten too. The invetor’s, Attila’s first born son is go into that kindergarten, so we tought why not to show the…


2013. 05. 20

SportExpo 2013

Since the Promo video is online we recieved several invitations and the first one in the raw was the SportExpo 2013 at Budapest, at the HungExpo in the ‘B’ building. We recieved the invitation from…


2013. 05. 06