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Electric vehicle

In the past couple of weeks we have been working on a custom electric vehicle for a US based client. The deadline was short and this mk I. was made only for testing purposes (that’s…


2016. 06. 17

New engine announcement

The new engine will be a modified, tuned 390ccm, 1 cylinder, 4 stroke engine by Brisas Custom RC Creations and DLMDR Tuning! We’ll have around 30Hp with 50 Nm torque! The final engine will be…


2014. 11. 06

First complete test day

Our aim was to test the speed, acceleration, high speed cornering and the brakes. We’ve worked a lot on the engine, but it’s still not enough. We’ve our new, we will build it in as…


2014. 11. 03

First major roll

Yesterday we went to a new factory area to make some tests. We had enough room to make accelerations, cornerings and to spend some time with the car. We played with it around 20 minutes…


2014. 10. 20

First images

Here are some images after the production process. Nothing is assembled, just to check out the final form… Looking good!


2014. 05. 29

News about the final prototypes

Hello Dear Followers! Times are pretty rough now at the moment, because of our suppliers. We are not big enough, therefore we are in the end on the schedule everywhere, but we can see the…


2014. 05. 09