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Everybody makes new year promises… going to the gym, eating more
healthy food, reading a book weekly, you know all these… Well, we are
not a big fan of these irrational goals, but we are going to try and
break the current land speed record of an RC car with a brand new,
unique development named ARC.

We are at the very beginning of the work, so after the first few tests,
we’ll bring you more details about this project that is in our heads for
a long time now. What I can assure you is, that we’ll use our 4 in-wheel
hub motor technology for this project as well!

With this dark teaser image of the ARC, we’d like to wish you a very
happy and successful 2023! Our year will be groundbreaking for us, so we
really hope you’ll follow our journey. Thank you very much for all your
support in 2022, looking forward to meeting with you in the new year!