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Partnership with MechatroMotive

For a while now you can read the essential of our product, the complete 2 sided telemetry system! Since this idea came to our mind we were desperately looked after a company who has enough experiences in this field and have enough infrastructure to complete such a great project. During our search we came across with some great companies who has lots of experiences in designing the hardware or writing the software or who has some racing car experiences.

Until the last late summer when we met with Balázs Varga, CEO of MechatroMotive. He brought us a small screen and he said they developed this product for racecar drivers as a dashboard system. We were amazed how fluid and how massive that thing was. Later that meeting we found out that they produced everything! Voilá, all 3 main components to make this job done was right in front of us! They could write the software and read the sensor’s datas, they can collect these and write them to a unique designed screen and they could provide us the hardware too not to mention that they have automotive experiences!

Long story short: MammuthWorks Ltd’s electronic partner will be the MechatroMotive! They will make for us the complete electronic packages with ABS, Traction control, temperature, RPM datas and more…

This beauty will be under the chassis on the top of the car in a protective environment, and this will do the magic for you! We really can’t wait to work with these guys together, because together we’ll make a new era in R/C racing!

Note that we will make a custom, MammuthWorks design User Interface too!

For more information about the device take a look at their site: