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Sponsorship with EVOLVEO

2013. 10. 232013. 10. 23No comments

You might have noticed a new logo on the chassis. It’s EVOLVEO, an action cam and electonic device maker company. We asked from them an onboard action camera and we recieved the Sportcam X3!


It’s a pretty nice thing, very massive, metal housing, easy to handle, easy to use and if it has enough light it can record in a pretty good quality.

The cam can record FullHD footages in 30 FPS or (what’s the best for us) in 720p with 60 FPS! In the previous test we misplaced the cam, so we don’t have enough good looking shots, we need to learn it and check more often if it has mud on the lens or not 😀 Seriously, after the first few laps we saw that the whole cam is covered in mud, but it recorded everything even tough it was pure black 🙂


Anyway, for this amount of money (~100 euro) this is a very good action cam and we can’t wait to use it again!

Take a look at their WEBSITE, for more informations!