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TechShow 2013

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TechShow is Hungary’s largest and best innovation and start-up conference, exhibition. This year, the top 22 technology start-up companies showcased their products. The independent jury chose these exhibitors, who could also make a 4 minutes long pitch in front of the jury.

We also tried to get in, and sent our promo video and website. A few weeks ago, they wrote back, that we are in! πŸ™‚

We were so happy about that, so we made a shortened presentation with and cleaned the car as much as we could πŸ™‚

Because the event was held in Budapest we had to get up really early (4:30 a.m.), so the day was even longer, but totally worthed it



We had a nice board and ID card πŸ˜‰



As soon as we get there we started to build our stand, connected the laptop to the TV, so the promo video went all day long. We also set up our largest servo with all the weights and it ran for some minutes and we demonstrated it if they asked it…


This is how some our area looked like. There were 3-4 areas. It was really good!


Before noon we started to look around and check the other innovations and start-ups. Attila is sculpting here with Leonar3Do πŸ™‚



But seriously guys, the 3d printing is amazing! This was the first time when we see some of the developers and printers working and then we could touch the final products. I loved it. These could be very useful for our later prototype cars. This is the Cube from FRE3DEE. They could print anything with affordable prices. Friendly and good company πŸ™‚


The iParking group. They also won the people’s choice award.



Later as visitors starting to arrive they came to us and asked lots and lots of questions. Our No.1 FAQ was: “guys, what is this???” And they usually smiled because some of them already knew the answer πŸ™‚ Several people mentioned that they saw the video and the car, and they hoped, that we will be here. It was a really awesome feeling and we also received some good advices.


Meanwhile in the lecture hall they organized thematical lectures about the start up industry with some famous Hungarian start-up companies and venture capitalists.

Then it was about the time for the second round of the exhibitor’s pitch. Each and every exhibitor could go up to the stage and present their ideas in front of the jury and public in 4 minutes. It was the first we (I) walked on the big stage and present our car, idea and goals. If you want to hear what we did and what we want to do, watch the video below.


As soon as the presentation was over some of the jury came out with us and talked with the team. Here you can see Attila and GΓ‘bor talking with some of the great minds in the Hungarian start-up industry. At the beginning they didn’t really understand what we want to do, but the more we talked to them, they started to open, so in the end, they were really excited and wanted to try it. πŸ˜‰



The announcement of results was in the Design Terminal, where they organized the 2B 3D event, which was the first 3d printing event series in Hungary. I had to say, we were shocked by the great quality and amazing industrial and regular 3d printers. We really had to take a look at some of them and get in touch with some of the exhibitors there πŸ™‚

So, basically, that was our day at the TechShow 2013. It was a really good experience and we really hope, that we’ll be there next year as well!