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SportExpo 2013

Since the Promo video is online we recieved several invitations and the first one in the raw was the SportExpo 2013 at Budapest, at the HungExpo in the ‘B’ building. We recieved the invitation from a Hungarian R/C group.

The SportExpo is one of the biggest event in the national sport life. Several big exhibitions, continous demonstraions with extraordinary sports, massage and healthcare products and of course with technical sports! We saw some beautiful off-road, drift and racing cars.

In the R/C zone the guys built a pretty big track where they always raced with 1:5 baja cars to 1:16 tiny electrical buggies 🙂 One of the driver is the junior onroad champion of Hungary. Our cars (we brought the very first garage built mammuth too) was way too big for this track, and we also didn’t want to terrorize people, so we just put it out just to see the new scale we brought into the R/C world 🙂

The Mammuth Rewarron standing at one of the corners… it is too big, we didn’t found an better place for it 🙂


The Mammuth mk1. (as we call it) and the Mammuth Servo in the middle of the track.


Some of the viewers… these cars could get some attention just because of their scale!


We brought a brand new, blank chassis, just to visualize some raw materials too.


Our Chassis specialist, Gábor watching the Rewarron


Beautiful race car and perfect engineering. We all love fine tuning and assembly 🙂


They are making chassis just for their own


Model range (1:16 – 1:5 and 1:3)


Classical HPI Baja 5B


Just a side-by-side shot. Left: 1:5, right: 1:3 🙂


Attila and Gábor explaining the Rewarron’s technology and future possibilities…


The beautiful Nissan of Zsolt Murczin and Róbert Bagics.


Outside we found some extraordinary machinery. We don’t what are these, probably some crawlers, but they are looking amazing!


Exemplary suspension work


Some of the good looking drift cars.


Finally but not least, what is our scale: at the bottom is a 1:10 drift car, then the HPI Baja 5B (1:5) and then the Mammuth Rewarron with it’s remarkable 1:3 scale! The little BMW car’s driver had some fun with drifting UNDER our car…